The Billionaire Decision Matrix


Research based Guide of How some of the Great Billionaires think and take Decisions,  This eBook helps you to make better choices in your life, move from impulse to insight, And it’s short, practical and easy to apply. You could read this over your lunch break and be a better thinker before you even finish your sandwich.



  • Billionaires are also humans like us so chances are that they have a brain similar to ours. Then what is it that we are lacking?
  • A powerful decision making skill is what we need to stay at the top of the game like jeff bezos is
  • Learn how to make bold decisions that propel your personal and professional development to the next level.
  • Understand how the billionaires do it so effortlessly.
  • Learn the top principle of Amazon: Bias of Action
  • Make striking changes in your thought process to become the awe-inspiring entrepreneur you always wanted to!