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Climate Change: Wake Up Call – Why Awareness is Key to Saving Our Planet

Why Ignoring the Climate Emergency is No Longer an Option and How We Can Take Action Now

  • Climate change is a reality and has been affecting the entire globe, including India. According to the National Centre for Climate Change (NCCC) India’s average temperature has risen by 0.7 degree Celsius over the last century.
  • Climate change is leading to more severe and frequent extreme weather events in India, such as heatwaves, droughts, and floods, which are affecting the agricultural sector and causing severe food insecurity.
  • In India, Climate change disproportionately affects marginalized communities, such as farmers and the poor, leading to social and economic injustice.
  • Raising awareness about climate change is important because it helps to build a collective understanding of the issue and the urgent need for action. In India, a large portion of population is still unaware about the Climate change, its causes and impacts.
  • Climate change is a global issue that requires collective action, and raising awareness is crucial in building a sense of community and shared responsibility in India.
  • Wearing a climate change t-shirt is a simple but powerful way to raise awareness about the issue and inspire others to take action. It can be a way to create a collective voice and encourage people to speak out about the importance of climate change.
  • T-shirts with bold designs and powerful messages can spark conversations and educate others about the importance of climate change and the need for action.
  • If we ignore climate change, it will lead to devastating consequences for our planet and India, such as mass extinction of species, extreme weather events, and a destabilized global economy. According to World Bank, Climate change could push up to 63 million people in India into extreme poverty by 2030. It’s crucial that we take action now and raise awareness in order to mitigate these effects.


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