Are you tired of thinking that going viral on Instagram is only for big creators? Well, guess what? You can crack the Instagram algorithm and reach the top of your league within the first week, even if you’ve just started! All you need to do is understand the algorithm and its intent, and you’ll see a significant difference in how your content performs on the platform. The best part is, that we have covered those topics in complete detail with many success stories along with the process and approach.

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Alicia Taylor

Alicia’s home-cooked cupcake business was struggling during the pandemic. To turn things around, she utilized StoryScape and Community Connector strategies on Instagram. Within just four weeks, she saw remarkable growth from 20 regular customers to 600. The success of her business demonstrates how implementing specific social media strategies can significantly boost a small business, especially during challenging times.

Clark Davies

Clark used InstaFluence and GramGenius strategies to grow his Instagram channel from 2500 to 18,000 in just two months. With the help of these strategies, he not only boosted his business but also found a franchise partner. His success story shows how utilizing the right social media tactics can help a small business owner achieve incredible growth in a short period of time.

Jane Evans

Meet Jane, a copywriter, and freelancer who used Instagram as a platform to find clients. She utilized InstaAds to support her campaign, which helped her land great projects. In fact, her success on Instagram was so significant that she was able to start her own writing and creative agency. Jane’s story is a testament to the power of using social media to promote one’s business and the potential for achieving incredible success.

Josh clifford

Josh started his business of free water bottles in Austin with just 430 followers on Instagram. However, he collaborated with ad companies and utilized InstaBoost and InstaFluencer tactics to build an entire community. His business has now grown to over 110K followers, and he has become one of the established businesses in his industry. Josh’s story is an inspiring example of how utilizing the right social media strategies can lead to significant growth and success for any business.

There are more than 25 case studies available to learn from and gain insight into different Instagram Growth Strategies. These case studies cover various industries and contexts and can be useful in developing effective Strategies for Your Growth too.

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Exactly what we need to grow on Instagram.

A really well rounded course in regards to what you want and need to know about Instagram marketing.
CEO of Swiss Bistro

oncrete steps on how to organize and schedule and in what order.

Love this course, very useful and clear, explaining everything step by step
Abad vitaly
Budding Influencer

Informative for my needs.

Whilst I had some knowledge base, this reassured me I was going along the right lines but on top of that it is teaching me many aspects I didn’t consider previously.
Julia reid
fashion Designer


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